Gravity Based Water Purifiers

Clean Drinking water is not just a nation specific concern but a pressing global issue today. Scientific studies have suggested that climate change has enormously impacted our environment. As a result, our water bodies and other drinking water sources are either badly hit or terribly polluted. So, we need effective water purification systems that can work constantly to give clean drinking water.

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What is gravity based water purification?

In this process of purification, water is allowed to flow from a top container to a lower container under the effect of gravity. Gravity-based water purifiers do not use electricity and therefore sometimes called as offline or non-electrical water purifiers. They typically use activated carbon or UF, which is made up of small carbon granules in order to absorb impurities from the water. The UF acts like a membrane of hollow fibers in which impurities stick.

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How does gravity based water purifier work?

The gravity based water purifiers basically consist of three filters:

  1. Microfiber mesh or Pre-filter: This filter is attached to the uppermost tank and when water is allowed to pass through this, larger particles like sand, dust, mud etc. get removed.
  2. Activated carbon filter: This stage is a crucial one in which more minute particles, invisible impurities, and chemical contaminants are effectively removed. It also reduces bad odor and colors from the water. It also removes parasites and pesticides.
  3. Polisher or Post-carbon filter: Its basic aim is to re-filter the purified water to make it crystal clear.

When to use gravity based water purifier?

  • Gravity based water purifiers are recommended for municipality or corporation water that does not have harmful heavy metals like lead and arsenic.
  • Since they do not require electricity to operate, so should be used in areas where power cuts are frequent.
  • Work without running water, best suited for areas where running water is not available.
  • These are recommended for TDS level of up to 500ppm.

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