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According to a World Bank report, “water quality in India has deteriorated as a result of an uncontrolled discharge of raw domestic and industrial waste-water”. Indian cities are lagging behind in providing reliable, sustainable and affordable water supply. Due to these disturbing trends, people are finding RO purifiers as the best option for drinking safe water.

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What is RO purification?

Discovered by Dean Spatz, Reverse Osmosis (RO) refers to a technique that uses a semi-permeable membrane in order to remove ions, molecules, dissolved salts, and larger impurities from drinking water. There are other types of membranes for water purification also, but RO water purifier is most widely used in India.

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How does RO work?

When an artificial pressure pushes water through a fine RO membrane, the impurities present in the water get filtered out. This is the most effective purification process, which is capable of removing all impurities, heavy metals, and chemicals. The size of the pores of RO membrane is very, very small that allow only water molecules to pass through while preventing other contaminants. With the help of reverse osmosis, desalination (removing salt from sea water) is made possible.

In addition to that, reverse osmosis is also used in recycling and waste water treatment. RO purification is capable of filtering out 99% of over 60 different contaminants including lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, chlorine, sulfates etc. The reverse osmosis process completes in four different stages: sediment filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis membrane, and polishing filter.

When to use RO water purifier?

  • RO water purifiers are used in those households where TDS level of water is up to 2000ppm and there is a higher content of dissolved salts than advisable.
  • If the water has harmful bacteria like Ecoli or Coliform, then use of RO is advised because they get filtered out.
  • In case the supply has dirty and turbid water, RO can make it clean.

Check out some top RO water purifiers from leading brands in India like Aquaguard, HUL, and AO Smith.

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