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Clean and safe drinking water is the basic necessity and ensuring its availability is one of the prime responsibilities of concerned authorities. However, in countries like India, providing clean and safe drinking water to every household remains a big challenge for the Government organizations even today. Polluted and unsafe water is one of the most prominent reasons for common illnesses to life-threatening diseases like Cholera, Diarrhea and Hepatitis.

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The best way to fight against water-borne diseases is to drink pure and safe water. Using a RO+UF water purifier is one way you can provide advanced protection to your family.

There are plenty of options, from all the leading water purifier brands, which provide water purification using RO+UF technology.

What is RO+UF Water Purifier?

A RO+UF water purifier employs both Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration methods of purification. The RO technology is responsible for removing larger particles, dissolved solids and heavy metals from the inlet water; whereas the UF technology is used to eliminate much finer and minute impurities as well as disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

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How Does RO+UF Water Purifier Work?

RO technology basically uses a semi-permeable membrane in order to purify water. The Reverse Osmosis carries out a multi-stage filtration by combining particle filtration and active carbon. Since, RO membrane needs to be protected from larger particles and sediments, so a pre-filtration cartridge is used which acts as sediment filter or carbon block filter. It prevents damage to the RO membrane by stopping excess exposure to too much chlorine found in the municipal water. Then the reverse osmosis membrane is used in which a pump is used to n optimum pressure is applied and as a result, only water molecules are allowed to pass through it, while blocking the impurities.

In the second stage, Ultrafiltration technology is used which is a technique of separating remaining impurities with high molecular weight. UF is a clean and simple technology that doesn’t change the chemical properties of water and doesn’t add any odour or colour.

The UF technology uses a semi-permeable membrane whose pore size ranges from 0.005 to 0.01 micron. It can effectively filter all kinds of germs and microorganisms from the water.

The only difference between RO and UF membranes is UF technology can be used without electricity and it doesn’t completely purify dissolved salts.

When to use RO+UF Water Purifier?

  • The RO+UF water purifiers are recommended for water that has high levels of TDS up to 2000ppm.
  • For increased biological impurities like bacteria, virus, cyst etc.
  • For water supply from the municipality, bore well, and tankers.
  • For a high degree of dissolved salts, solid impurities, organic chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

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