RO Pre Filter

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RO Pre Filter
RO Pre Filter
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What is an RO Pre Filter?

As the name suggests RO Pre-filter is a filter that is installed before your RO water purifier. It is an external filter and is generally installed outside your water purifier.

Most RO water purifiers do not come with any pre-filters nowadays and the first stage of purification is generally the sediment filter.

RO Pre-filter consists of a 5 micron spun filter that filters out the bigger physical impurities like dirt, sediment, rust, and sand etc.

RO pre-filter is used in the first stage of purification and it pre-filters the raw tap water before being purified by your RO water purifier. In addition to filtering out the physical impurities, it also increases the life of the filters (like sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, and RO membrane) in your water purifier.

When to Replace RO Pre Filter?

The actual frequency depends on the quality of incoming water and your usage. But ideally, you should replace the RO pre-filter cartridge every 3 months. You can also clean the pre-filter cartridge with clean water after some time.

What is Included in Pre-Filter Kit for Water Purifier?

Most RO pre-filter kits sold online come with the following parts. You will need to order the kit initially, and once you have installed the pre-filter kit you can replace the pre-filter cartridge at regular intervals.

  • Pre-Filter Housing
  • Pre-Filter Cartridge
  • 2 Connectors (comes in two sizes 1/4” and 3/8”)
  • Connecting Pipe (comes in two sizes ¼” and 3/8”)
  • Spanner
  • Teflon Tape

Note: Always check the size of connectors and connecting pipe of your respective RO water purifier and order the appropriate RO pre-filter kit accordingly. RO Pre Filter Kits with 1/4” size connectors and pipe won’t fit in RO purifiers that require 3/8” size and vice-versa.

Benefits of Installing Pre-Filter for RO Water Purifier

  • It filters out all physical impurities like dust, mud, sand, rust and silt from raw water.
  • It prevents pre-mature choking of the main filters like Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter and RO Membrane.
  • Saves money by increasing the life of RO filters and Membrane.
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