RO Membrane

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RO Membrane
RO Membrane
Rs. 480 Rs. 700

Need to change the RO membrane of your RO water purifier? Not happy with the price your RO technician has quoted?

You can now buy RO membranes online, that too at very affordable prices.

If you are not sure about if your water purifier requires a change of RO membrane then you can read our detailed post on when to change RO membrane.

We have listed out some top-selling RO membrane from reliable brands like CSM, Pentair, Wellon, and Vontron.

The RO water purifiers installed in our homes generally have RO membranes of 75 GPD or 80 GPD. GPD stands for Gallons Per Day, it signifies the amount of water an RO membrane can purify in a day. 1 Gallon is approximately equal to 3.78 litres.

Approximate purification capacities of RO membranes based on their GPD values:
75 GPD RO Membrane – Purifies 10 to 12 litres per hour
80 GPD RO Membrane – Purifies 12 to 15 litres per hour

Before ordering a new RO membrane online you should always check the specifications of your existing RO membrane and order accordingly.

You should also check the TDS value of the raw input water as most good RO membranes available online work well up to 1500 TDS.

Some good RO membranes for TDS levels up to 1500 ppm are:

Vontron RO Membrane (75 GPD)
WELLON RO Membrane (80 GPD)

RO Membrane for High TDS water, works for TDS value up to 4000 ppm.

Pacific Technologies RO Membrane (80 GPD)

Note: It is always recommended to also buy a matching RO flow restrictor whenever you are changing the RO membrane. RO flow restrictors are easily available online and you can buy one from

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