Kent Inline Sediment Filter & Pre Carbon Filter Set

Kent Inline Sediment Filter & Pre Carbon Filter Set

Rs. 889 Rs. 1,000

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  • 100% Genuine Kent Product
  • Suitable for Grand, Grand plus, Super plus, Wonder, Pride, Smart, Maxx, Prime, Prime TC,etc
  • Pack consist of 1 inline Sediment Filter 8 inch & 1 Pre Carbon Filter8 inch

Sediment Filter is the first stage of purification (second, if you are using an external pre-filter) that removes sediment and dirt from the input water. Sediment filter removes all the large size particles so that the pre-carbon filter and RO membrane don’t get clogged before time.

Pre Carbon Filter or activated carbon filter consists of carbon particles that remove chlorine and other organic contaminants from the water. It also removes bad odour and improves the taste of water. Carbon filter is used after the sediment filter.

Generally, both Kent sediment filter and Kent pre carbon filter should be changed at least once in a year. Replacing both these filters on-time keeps your Kent RO membrane safe and assures pure and safe water.

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This product consists of:
Kent Inline Carbon Filter 8” – Part No. 20009
Kent Inline Sediment Filter 8” – Part No. 20010

This is a 100% genuine product from Kent. Kent Sediment filter price is Rs 500 and Kent Carbon filter also costs Rs. 500. However, the set of both filters is priced a little lower.

Did You Know?
Installing an RO pre-filter can increase the life of RO filters & membrane and reduce maintenance costs.

Recommended for:
This inline sediment filter and pre carbon filter set is suitable for almost all RO and UV purifiers from Kent like Kent Grand Plus, Grand, Super Plus, Wonder, Wonder Plus, Pride, Pearl, Prime, Prime TC, Supreme, Super Star, Pristine, Ace, Ace Plus, Gem, Perk, Maxx, Ultra, Ultra Storage, and Smart etc.

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