When to Drink Water – The Complete Guide

“When to drink water” seems a very trivial question to ask, don’t you think so?

Is it any big deal to have some particular time fixed for drinking water?

Well, if you ask, even a toddler knows when drinking water is necessary. But if you are a keen fitness enthusiast, then you must have heard people at the gym discussing when to drink water and when not to.

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And, if you think that they have been just talking baselessly, then just hold on for a minute! For, people have NOT been talking gibberish all along.

If you consider yourself to be enough health conscious, then you must keep on reading to know more about the best times to drink water.

What is the Best Time to Drink Water?

Before we tell you more about the best time to drink water, the first and most important thing that you should always remember is to always drink pure water. Always use a water purifier, if you don’t have one then we strongly suggest you buy one today. You can check out the list of best water purifiers for home.

Yes, there are certain times when drinking water can truly and fully benefit your healthy body. Let us find out more about it.

• After Waking up

Do you know the secret why Japanese folks look so healthy and glowing all the time?

Drink Water After Waking Up

Well, they drink plenty of water on an empty stomach just after waking up in the morning. And experts have found that this practice lends them a problem-free life, by flushing out toxins from the system. Common health problems like constipation, gastritis, bloating and various digestive ailments are also easily solved by drinking water after waking up. The result is a healthy body and glowing skin at all times of the year!

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• Before a Meal

Drinking water before meals is an excellent practice, contrary to popular belief. When you drink a glass of water just half-an-hour prior to lunch or dinner, it helps immensely in increasing your digestive abilities.

Moreover, if you are looking to shed a few extra kilos, this habit is going to be really worth the effort. When you drink water before meals, it offers a sensation of fullness. The reduced appetite makes you eat a lesser volume of food, and whatever you eat gets digested properly due to the water intake. So it’s like deriving double benefits by drinking water before a meal.

• Before a Workout

The right time to drink water is around 2-3 hours before you start your daily exercises. Needless to say, water is an essential element that all of us need in order to survive. And water is known to improve circulation, digestion, and keep our body hydrated and also regulate our body temperature to a good extent.

Drink Water Before Workout

Now, before you start exercising, you need to warm up and make sure that your muscles and joints are ready too. And drinking water helps to keep your joints properly lubricated, along with maintaining the body temperature. A dehydrated body is highly prone to muscle tear downs and cramps, so drinking water before working out is really important to get the best results.

• After a Workout

Drink Water After Workout

While working out, with profuse sweating, your body is drained of the considerable amount of water. This dehydration can again have undesirable effects on your overall health and immunity; so you must drink water after the workout as well. After completing your daily exercise routine, wait for half an hour for your body to cool down a bit, and then drink water. Remember that when you drink water, you replenish fluids that are lost while working out. As a result, your energy levels are maintained and you can beat fatigue easily.

• When you are Tired

Drink Water When You Are Tired

Dehydration of the system plays a big part in making you feel exhausted and low. So, obviously, the best antidote to tiredness is drinking plenty of water. It has been observed that even if your body loses just 1% of its water, it can bring down your energy levels considerably. So the next time you feel extremely lethargic and find that tiredness is hampering your productivity, make sure to consume water and feel the difference.

• When you Feel Thirsty

Drink Water When Thirsty

Well, this is the most obvious of the reasons why we drink water! When your body needs some supply of water, it clearly gives off the signal by making you feel thirsty. Now, what many of us do is gulp down any sort of fluid – like aerated drinks or coffee or tea, thinking that it will satiate us. But the extra dose of soda or caffeine that is supplied with them, is often needless. Moreover, the thirst often tends to linger on, even after finishing off a cup of tea.

So instead of going for just any beverage, choose plain and simple water, when you feel thirsty. And you will see how well water can make you feel contented compared to all other drinks.

Should You Drink Water Before Sleep?

Drinking lots of water before going to bed is not right, is what people commonly like to believe in. They say that drinking water before sleep will invariably cause sleep disturbances and create unnecessary pressure on the bladder.

Drink Water Before Sleep

Now, while this is true to some extent, you can always strike a balance in the quantity of water consumed. You can drink water sufficiently, maintain a considerable time gap, and then go to sleep. Then there will be enough time for the system to cleanse itself before you hit the bed, and you will also stay hydrated.

However, do note that drinking excess water is not always good since it might impact you negatively in the long run. Moreover, you need to understand that if you suffer from heart ailments, then you must adhere to limited water consumption, as advised by your doctor.

Should You Drink Water After Meal, Before Meal or During the Meal?

We have already seen that drinking some water half an hour before meals is beneficial for digestion. You just need to maintain some moderation there, to fully experience the positive effects of this practice.

Now, what if you feel very thirsty while eating? Many people also have this habit of drinking lots of water while they are having their meals. Is that a good habit? Well, it is true that once water enters your digestive system, it dilutes the digestive juices thereby affecting digestion. Therefore you should avoid drinking water during meals.

Drinking Water After, Before or During Meal

Again, you will also hear people saying that you must not drink water after a meal. But the reality is that water actually helps in digestion. It helps in breaking down the food properly so that your system can easily absorb the nutrients. Moreover, after eating a protein-rich diet, drinking some water can help you to easily digest it and prevent indigestion and bloating. So, the best practice is to again wait for an hour after your meals, and then drink some water.

What is the Right Way to Drink Water?

How many times have you been warned and scolded for drinking water while standing up?

Well, if you were not aware of it, you must never drink water while standing.

Do Not Drink Water While Standing


Because this practice can impact your health negatively. Drinking water while standing causes the water to flow straight down your system without spreading to the other parts of your body. Experts say that water reaches straight to the bladder without proper filtration, thereby depositing the impurities in the bladder. This ultimately affects the kidneys in the long run.


So to wrap up, you now understand that drinking some water is always good. And unless you are suffering from heart diseases, it is also the best way to prevent various health problems. But the positive effects are only achievable if you maintain the right way to drink water.

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