Top Proven Benefits of Drinking Right Amount of Water Daily

Drink More Water – The Healthiest Decision You Can Make Today

Water is the most easily available compound and is absolutely essential for bare survival. A human being can go without food for long periods of time but gives up within a week if left without water. So it is imperative to have water in the correct amount. Pure drinking water is the healthiest fluid you have access to pretty much all day long if you have a good water purifier at home and work.

Listed below are some of the basic but important advantages which show that water is the healthiest drink one can have.

Pure Water sayings

Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine. – Slovakian Proverb

Helps Prevent Cancer

Water has been found to help decrease the risks of cancer by a wide margin. For example, it helps reduce breast cancer, colon cancer (by around 45%) and bladder cancer (by 50%).

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Clears Your Head

While the reasons are not known exactly, a study in London found that there is a link between students bringing water to the exam hall and better grades. Water has also been found to have a direct effect on moods, with dehydration leading one to become more grumpy and depressed and disoriented.

Helps You Perform Better

Water forms as much as 75% of our muscle tissues. This means that not drinking enough water can mess with the electrolyte balance, resulting in muscle fatigue. You should also stay hydrated during exercising. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends consuming 17 ounces of liquid up to 2 hours before you begin exercising. And always take care to replace the body fluid lost by sweating as dehydration during exercising can form blood clots.

Makes You Lose Weight

While water doesn’t contribute directly to weight loss, it is an ideal substitute against beverages with high-calorie content. Drinking water at regular intervals helps in decreasing cravings. Also, eating food containing a lot of water actually is a great way to reduce weight as such food items are usually voluminous, require more chewing and the body takes a long time to absorb them.

Lessens Joint Pain

Drinking a good amount of water helps in keeping the cartilage hydrated and lubricated. This is the principle on which glucosamine works – it helps the cartilages in absorbing water, meaning that you should also increase your water intake once you start taking it.

Flushes Out Toxins

Bloody fluids are the medium for transporting waste products away from the cells to your kidneys. The main body toxin, blood urea nitrogen or BUN, is a water-soluble compound that is eliminated through urine. Drinking the right amount of water relieves the stress on kidneys and helps your urine remain colourless, odourless and less concentrated. Drinking enough water is all the more important in warm climates in order to prevent kidney stones.

Makes Your Skin Glow

Water hydrates the skin, meaning that it can act as a fix for the regular wear and tears. It also works wonders when dealing with tired skin cells. However, don’t expect over-hydration to act as a magic fix for ageing effects. Water helps in regeneration of skin cells and helps maintain the colour and texture of the largest organ in our body. This is one of the best drinking facts about water for many beautiful girls out there.

Helps Improve Circulation

Water is essential for the proper distribution of nutrients as it is the biggest component of body fluids. Water also helps in proper distribution of temperature in the body. Water happens to be helpful in digestion as it keeps things moist in the stomach, aiding gastrointestinal movements. Inadequate amount of water would make the colon absorb water from the excretory mass in your stomach, making you constipated.

How to Ensure the Intake of an Adequate Amount of Water?

adequate Daily water intake

While the good effects of water are evident, it often becomes difficult to have enough water during the course of the day. The most common reasons for this are laziness and neglect, busy schedules, and the general tendency to give in to more attractive fluid options. So, here are listed some ways to help you with drinking the right amount of water daily:

  • Always carry water with you. In that way, you won’t be ignoring your thirst. Be it on your office desk, your car or the water bottle holder of your gym machine or bicycle, keep a tumbler or a bottle handy.
  • Think of your wallet next time you have the urge of spending some bucks on that awesome mocktail. Water is your basic right and happens to be one of the cheapest things that you can lay your hands on. Besides, not all drinks would relieve you of your thirst. If you find it too bland, you can add a basic flavouring agent to your bottle of water.
  • Get some food with high moisture content. It can be soup, fruits like watermelons and lemons, celery, etc.
  • Use one among the many apps available to motivate you to take the correct amount of water at the right time. You can also make use of natural motivators like having something spicy at regular intervals.

However, keep in mind that while maintaining the correct amount of water intake can be a challenge for most of us, some health junkies have been known to overdo it. It is best not to have more than 2 litres of water per day. Excess water can lead to electrolyte imbalances, water poisoning, and other serious and sometimes fatal problems.

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