10 Best UV Water Purifiers Available in India – Buying Guide

Water is the life of all living creatures. Our body uses water to regulate temperature and maintain its functions. However, it is worth mentioning that water that we drink needs to be free from impurities.

But the availability of clean and pure drinking water continues to remain one of the biggest challenges that the world faces today. The situation is worse in underdeveloped nations and not so good in developing nations like India.

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This is where the use of water purifiers becomes so evident. Most homes in India have access to water that is not 100% safe to be consumed without using some form of filtration or purification.

This whole drinking water crisis has created a very big demand for water purification products. And the market is flooded with thousands of water purifiers from hundreds of big and small brands. And if that was not enough, there are several different types of water purification technologies.

Some of the most popular water purification technologies include Gravity Based, UF, MF, UV, RO+UV and several other combinations of these.

What is UV Purification? When Should You Choose a UV Water Purifier?

UV Purification technology uses UV lamp (basically a bulb that emits UV light/radiation) to disinfect the water from all kinds of harmful micro-organic impurities like bacteria, viruses, cysts etc.

Most of the times, in addition to microbiological impurities, water also contains several other types of impurities like particulate matters, dust, mud, sand, rust, chemicals, organic substances like chlorine, dissolved solids and harmful metals like lead & arsenic. Most of the UV water purifiers use some of the filtration technique like filters and membranes to filter out these impurities.

Coming to when should you choose a UV water purifier, the below table clearly explains the type of purification technology to use depending on the type of impurities found in water.

Selecting Water Purification Technology

Which Purification Technology Should You Use?

The type of purification you should choose depends on several factors like source of water and types of impurities found in water.

Our detailed post, on what all things you should consider before buying a water purifier, covers every possible consideration that should be kept in mind.

How to Find the Type of Impurities Present in Water?

TDS level of water can be easily measured by using a digital TDS meter like this one. Not sure? Read how to check TDS level of water.

Presence of particulate matters like dust, mud, and sand etc. can be seen by taking the water in a clean jar or bucket (if possible use a transparent glass or jar).

Biological impurities can neither be seen with the naked eye nor checked with a device like TDS meter. So, how do you know if your water contains biological impurities? Unfortunately, there is no easy way; you can get your water tested in the nearest water testing lab to find the level of biological impurities in your drinking water. Also, if you or your family members suffer from frequent water-borne diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis, etc. then most probably your drinking water is infected with microorganisms.

Finding the Best Water Purifier

After all the discussion above, we believe, now you have a fair understanding of the type of purification technology you may need.

If your findings tell you that Gravity based or RO based purification is what you need then you can skip this post and instead read our posts on best gravity-based water purifiers and best RO water purifiers.

If you have zeroed in on UV or UV+UF purification technology then please continue reading.

The market is flooded with hundreds of UV water purifiers with each one claiming to offer the best purification. Picking the best UV water purifier from such a big list becomes a quite confusing job.

To make things easier for you, we have brought this article to guide you in making the best-informed decision in buying your first best UV Water Purifier.

Best UV Water Purifiers in India – 2019

1) KENT Maxx UV + UF Water Purifier

Starting the list with this advanced and technically innovative water purifier that has impressed customers to a great extent. KENT being a big name in the water purifier industry has brought this great product designed specifically for the Indian consumers. The biggest USP of the product is the transparent, detachable water tank that is easier to clean.

You will really like the dual UV and UF purification process of the purifier which provides 100% pure, tasty and healthy drinking water for you and your family. Moreover, the unit has a unique feature of a computerized controlled alarm system which alerts you to change the filters or UV lamp. Moreover, the unit has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer to stabilize the power fluctuations.

All these features indeed make this water purifier a great product. Like Kent’s other products this purifier is also reasonably priced which will obviously give you peace of mind and hence makes its place on our list of best UV water purifier in India.

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2) Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes, the company that endorses the tagline “Your friend for life”, has some great water purifiers for their consumers.

The product of today’s discussion and the second entry in the list is Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV purifier. This product has the dual cartridge that can purify the water by eliminating suspended particles, organic compound and odor from the water thereby making your drinking water clean, tasty and healthy.

Full Review of Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV

3) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV

The third entry in the list is again from the same company, Eureka Forbes. Elegantly designed with stunning European blend walls that has a sober silver outlook, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier is a much-required water unit for your kitchen. Like the first product in the list, this amazing water purifier from Eureka Forbes also has an electronic monitoring system for detecting any malfunction in UV lamp.

The trademark Biotron cartridge breaks down the water molecules for easy absorption. Similarly, this water purifier also has auto shut-off technology, voltage stabilizer beside Backflush that removes the stagnant water keeping the filters clean.

Are you now convinced or still not able to make your choice of the best UV Water Purifier?? Worry not, we still have some more in the list. Read below to know about some more products that may grab your attention.

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4) Livpure Glitz 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

Livpure is a renowned brand that provides RO and UV water purifiers at best prices for home and offices. Livpure Glitz 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier is a flagship purifier from the house of Livpure. The USP of this product is its sleek and elegantly designed cartridge that can be easily removed and fitted by anyone without the help of any maintenance people.

This purifier has 4 stage UV+UF purification process and a flow rate of 60 litres per hour. Like some of the previously mentioned purifiers, this product also has an alert system which indicates any malfunction in the UV lamp or need for change in any filters. Moreover, it also has power saver technology, backflushing port to remove stagnant water and a convenient tray to fit glass or bottle while taking out water from the purifier.

If you are looking for the review of a different model, then you can check out this page for Livpure water purifier reviews.

Full Review of Livpure Glitz UV+UF

5) Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Water Purifier

TATA is a household name in India. From salt, tea to watches and automobiles, TATA has a huge product mix. From the house of one of India’s biggest conglomerates, this fifth entry in our list is another great product having some amazing features. Like some other water purifiers in the list, this purifier also has double purification processes i.e. both UV and UF purification that removes all the unwanted impurities from drinking water.

It also has user-friendly indicators and screwless front panel opening. The storage tank is concealed which saves you from hassles of cleaning the tank. To wrap up, this sleek and elegantly designed product will suit the best in your modern kitchen.

Full Review of Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF

6) Kent Ultra Storage 7-Litre UV + UF Water Purifier

This water purifier is especially suitable for big families. It has dual purification technique i.e. both UV and UF. As mentioned in other water purifiers, this purifier also has a computer-based alert system that indicates any malfunction in the purifier and also signals to change the filter of the purifier. Moreover, it also has a voltage stabilizer to stabilize the power fluctuations. The device is designed for wall mounting and has a storage tank of 7 litres that ensures a continuous supply of water.

Full Review of Kent Ultra Storage UV+UF

7) Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart UV Water Purifier

This purifier, which has 3 stage purification processes, is the 7th entry to this list of best UV water purifier in India. It has a high flow rate of 2-litres per minute and can be installed as a wall mount or tabletop. Considered as an economical water purifier, this purifier also has error indication alarms.

Point of dispense purification ensures that the purity of water is maintained right from the time it drops down from the nozzle and pours down in the glass. The device is built with Quartz UV filtration and so is a great value for money. Undoubtedly, this water purifier is the best choice of money and is surely a good choice if you are looking for a good water purifier at an affordable price.

Full Review of Aquasure Smart UV

8) Kent ULTRA UV Water Purifier

The Ultra UV Water purifier from KENT is the next entry in the list. This purifier is suitable for water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). It removes all the harmful disease-causing micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, and cysts and makes water suitable for drinking. The purifier is elegantly designed which is sleek and fits all kind of Indian kitchens.

The purifier has a flow rate of 120 litres per day. Weighed around 4kg, this purifier includes sediment and activated carbon filter cartridges. This water purifier is tested and certified by world-renowned labs for its quality and performance.

Full Review of Kent Ultra UV

9) Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Maxima UV Water Purifier

Water supplied by the municipality in India often contains various disease-causing impurities like viruses, bacteria as well as harmful chemicals. Most diseases caused are due to the water that we drink. People might be of the notion that boiling kills all the impurities contained in the water. But that is not necessarily true all the times. Water needs further purification and to address this issue Eureka Forbes has introduced the Maxima UV water purifier.

This purifier has a 3 stage purification mechanism. Moreover, like other purifiers, it also has the error detection alarm system, backflush, and convenient glass tray. The good thing about this purifier is that water flows in the UV chamber that is made of a quartz glass tube that restricts the water to come in contact with any metal.

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10) Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifier

Last but not least is this water purifier from the house of Unilever. Pureit is the brand of water purifiers which ensures safe and healthy water for you and your loved ones. The advanced alert system, high-intensity UV lamp, 5 stage purification through UV technology, auto shut off etc. are some of the features of this amazing product. Besides that, the purifier has a compact and sleek design to fit in any modern Indian kitchen. With purification capacity of up to 2 liters per minute, this product is definitely a good choice.

So, now that you have a list of top 10 UV water purifiers in India, we believe you have enough information to make a good choice of your desired water purifier. We hope your pursuit of clean and healthy drinking water for yourself and your dear and near ones starts with the information we have covered in this article.

What’s your thought? What UV purifier is best according to your personal experience? Tell us your feedback in comments. Also, share this informative post with others and help them make a better choice.

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