RO+UV Water Purifiers

According to The Hindu (March 2010), “Polluted drinking water claim more lives than all forms of violence, including war”. Therefore, it is a crying need of the hour to utilize an effective purification technology in the form of RO and UV that removes harmful impurities as well as deadly germs from the water we drink.

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What is RO+UV Purification?

The RO+UV water purifiers employ both RO and UV technologies that give the safest water. Reverse osmosis is used for removing ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. UV purification, on the other hand, is a disinfection technique that kills or inactivates microorganisms.

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How does (RO+UV) work?

Reverse osmosis is the process that utilizes a semi permeable membrane, which allows pure water to pass through it, while stopping contaminants and impurities on one side. RO purification system is immensely helpful in removing all dissolved solids and bacteria.

Some of the RO systems use a process called Cross Flow, which helps the semi-permeable membrane to continuously clean itself. RO purification requires the application of pressure that pushes the fluid through the membrane. A residential RO water purification system uses an average pressure of 40psi. After RO purification, the water is allowed to go through UV system, which uses high frequency ultraviolet light to irradiate water through a glass element. Now, when the water is passed through the glass element, it becomes exposed to UV light. As a result, all bacteria and microorganisms get killed.

When to use RO+UV water purifiers?

The most important factor to consider before choosing an RO+UV water purifier is the water quality that is coming to our homes. If the water has large quantities of germs, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and heavy metals, then RO+UV water purifiers should be used.

The next factor to consider is TDS level. If the level of total dissolved solids in your water supply is 400-1500ppm, then RO+UV purifiers are recommended.

Usually, in India the borewell water contains TDS level of 300-500ppm, so these water purifiers might as well be used in those households that drink borewell water. RO+UV is the best combination of techniques utilized for water purification. Although, all the RO+UV systems run on electricity, but a high storage capacity allows them to store purified water in case of electricity outages.

Check out some top RO+UV water purifiers from brands like LivPure, HUL, and Nasaka.

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