10 Best Water Purifiers Under Rs. 10000

In this post, we have reviewed top 10 water purifiers under ₹ 10000. Before jumping into review lets find out the importance of water for our body and top benefits of drinking purified water.

Water is required by all human being and is essential for the survival and proper functioning of our body. Dehydration can lead to hallucination, failure of organs and to severe fatal internal malfunction and diseases. Water is required by our whole body, it is like fuel to vehicles, without water our body goes stagnant. As we know and see the quantity of water is in abundance but the quality is in sparse, this makes the use of water purifiers indispensable. In order to live a healthy life, we need to check the quality of the water we are drinking.

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Water Purifiers help in eradicating the microorganisms and bacteria along with some dissolved impurities and chemicals. Water purifiers with RO membrane are also capable enough to convert the hard water into soft water for consumption. Our tap water sometimes isn’t that purified, so, to be doubly sure it is highly advisable to have a purifier in the house for the sake of the safety of your family from diseases. The market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of purifiers from different brands with their own singularity but we have our budget to retrain and in that limited budget we seek the best the market has to offer. Here, we list down 10 purifiers under Rs. 10,000 which are feature packed and budget-friendly.

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Updated January 2019:- Every month we have brands launching new water purifiers. And a lot of major water purifier brands are now shifting their focus on the affordable segment or under Rs. 10000 segment. In order to keep the post relevant and updated, we review all the latest launches every month to give you the best options always. This month also, we have some new entries in this list of best water purifiers under 10000.

Livpure Glo continues to rule the list but we have good competition in the form of Hindware Calisto and Blue Star Aristo RO+UV, you can read more about these purifiers below. Pureit Advanced RO+UV and Pureit Classic RO+UV have been in this list for quite long and still continue to offer great value.

Best Water Purifier Under Rs. 10000

1. Livpure Glo 7 RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Top Features

  • Sediment filter
  • Pre-activated carbon filter absorber
  • RO membrane
  • UV disinfection
  • Mineral cartridge
  • 7 Liters storage

With a sleek look to please our eyes and a stunning mechanism to function, supported by a trusted brand name, Livpure. This purifier delivers what it offers and promises to the audience. The purifier has 6 stage purifying technique to safeguard the drinking water. With the working capacity to eradicate 1500 TDS level to the minimum, the purifier leaves your water tasting sweet and pleasant. The purifier has 7L of purified water storage capacity which is sufficient for a small family. The purifier comes with a yearlong warranty. It is RO-UV purifier with an added benefit of Mineralizer.

To eradicate the impalpable particles and harmful impurities the purifier has a sediment filter and activated carbon filter and to top its multi-functionality its RO is strong enough to remove the hard metals, solvable chemicals and lastly to safeguard Livpure Glo has UV to sum it up.

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2. Hindware Calisto RO+UV+UF

After launching a range of RO water purifiers under the brand name ‘Moonbow’, Hindware has now launched Hindware Calisto RO+UV+UF water purifier. Hindware Calisto is exclusively launched and available on Flipkart.

The biggest USP of Hindware Calisto is its price, no other leading brand offers a RO+UV+UF purifier at such an attractive price.

Top Features

  • 6 Stage RO+UV+UF Purification.
  • Clean, compact and modern design.
  • Magnet assisted detachable front cover & transparent tap handle.
  • The storage capacity of 7 litres.
  • Purification capacity of up to 12 litres/hour.
  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 1800 ppm.
  • Table Top & Wall Mounted.

You get 6 stages RO+UV+UF purification, 7 litres storage, purification capacity of 12 litres/hour, and many unique design features. This best water purifier under Rs. 10,000 features a very clean, compact and modern design with first of its kind magnet assisted detachable front cover and transparent tap handle.

Hindware Calisto can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on table/countertop. Suitable for water from all sources and with TDS level as high as 1800 ppm, this latest water purifier is truly a perfect combination of quality features and a very affordable price.

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3. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV is another example of the fact that quality does not always have to come at a premium price.

Top Features

  • 6 Stage with 100% RO and UV purification
  • Purification capacity of up to 12 litres/hour
  • The storage capacity of 7 Litres
  • Alerts for UV failure and low water pressure
  • Child lock button on tap
  • Aqua Taste Booster feature that maintains optimum pH level, alkalinity and improves the taste of water

This water purifier features all the features that any good water purifier should have. Features like 6 stage RO+UV purification, purification capacity of up to 12 litres/hour, purified water storage of 7 litres, alerts for low water pressure and UV lamp failure, at such an affordable price make it a perfect bundle.

Another great feature of this purifier is the Aqua Taste Booster that maintains optimum pH level, alkalinity and improves the taste of purified water. Very few purifiers under the price range of Rs. 10,000 have such premium features.

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4. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+UV 5 Litres Water Purifier

Top Features

  • 6 Stage Purification
  • Purified water flow rate of 9-12 litres per hour.
  • Advanced Voltage fluctuation guard.
  • Compact and simple design

With Triple Safety assurance of RO, UVM and ROPL you can be sure of time attested quality. It comes with 5 litres of storage which is more than ample for the average household. The TDS levels of removal are as much as 1800 ppm. This purifier is a complete pack and value for money with reasonable pricing to help your budget. The look of the purifier is beautiful and sleek in itself, apart from the cool design the purifier is durable and leakage proof. The purifier has RO and UV to guard the water and provide your family with clean water.

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5. HUL Pureit 5 Litres Classic RO + UV Water Purifier

Top Features

  • 6 Stage Purification Technology
  • Turns Hard Water Up to 1800 ppm into the soft and sweet water.
  • Break resistance tap
  • Advanced voltage fluctuation guard
  • Reverse osmosis membrane

This Best in class edition comes with all the features you could hope for, all on top of 5-litres storage. This HUL Pureit water purifier uses a 6-stage purification process to provide the best quality purification. As a safety measure, it also has a voltage fluctuation guard which withstand spikes as high as 300 volts or dips as low as 150 VAC. It’s TDS removal capacity is also a stable 1800 ppm. The pricing of the product is reasonable. This model of purifier is just as good as the one mentioned above, the choice is on you which one you’d prefer.

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6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UF Water Purifier

Aquaguard Splash RO+UF water purifier is designed to blend with the modern interiors of your kitchen.

Top Features

  • Double purification with RO and UF
  • The storage capacity of 6 Litres
  • Voltage fluctuation guard
  • Suitable for TDS levels between 500 to 2000 ppm

This water purifier features a highly compact body with the front panel showcasing beautiful floral graphics. Beautifully designed tap is intelligently concealed in the front panel. It seems Eureka Forbes has paid special attention to the design and it truly stands out among all those dull and boring looking purifiers in the affordable price segment of under Rs. 10000.

Apart from the design, you get double purification of RO and UF that is suitable for water with TDS between 500 and 2000 ppm. The storage tank of 6 liters and voltage fluctuation guard features are also worth mentioning here.

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7. Livpure Glitz Plus RO+UF Water Purifier

Livpure Glitz Plus RO+UF features the same trademark white color and design as used by it’s best selling RO purifiers Livpure Glo and Livpure Pep Pro Plus.

Top Features

  • 6 Stage purification with RO and UF
  • Purification capacity of up to 12 litres/hour
  • Storage capacity of 7 Litres
  • Taste enhancer
  • Suitable for TDS levels up to 2000 ppm
  • Indicators for power on, purification process and tank full

The water is purified in 6 stages and 100% of the water passes through RO and UF membrane. Livpure Glitz Plus is suitable for all sources of water with TDS level as high as 2000 ppm. The 6 stage purification that includes a thin film composite RO membrane removes all common impurities from the water.

This water purifier from Livpure uses a Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge in the last stage to further improve the taste and quality of purified water.

Storage tank of 7 litres and purification capacity of 12 litres/hour provide sufficient pure drinking water for an average Indian household.

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8. Blue Star Aristo RO + UF Water Purifier

Blue Star Aristo RO+UF features absolutely the same design and features as Blue Star Aristo RO+UV. The only difference is Blue Star Aristo RO+UF replaces UV lamp in Blue Star RO+UV with a UF membrane.

Top Features

  • UV water purifier
  • Intelligent Purity Sensor System
  • E-boiling +
  • Mineral Preserver System
  • Auto Shut Off

Featuring 6 stage RO+UF purification, a storage capacity of 7 litres, purification capacity of up to 12 litres/hour, Aqua Taste Booster and alerts for low water pressure.

Blue Star Aristo RO+UF water purifier is priced a little lower than Blue Star Aristo RO+UV.

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9. HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO+MF Water Purifier

Top Features

  • 6 Stage Purification through RO+MF
  • Purity indicator
  • Adds minerals post purification to improve the taste of water
  • Advance alert system alerts you 15 days before the life of GermKill Kit expires
  • TDS removal up to 1800 ppm

This version boasts of 5-litres storage in tandem with Triple-Safety assurances. It’s a classical 100% RO & MF purifier with highest TDS removal levels of 1800 ppm, making it the best option to go for under Rs. 10000. The purifier will sure to look good in your kitchen, it is compatible, the size of the purifier is small enough to fit in any small corner of your kitchen yet roomy enough to store 5l of water. The purifier has a stabilizer to look overpower fluctuation and a sensor to automatically control the water level to prevent it from overflowing. The product is robust and provides you with clean and tasty water.

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10. Kent Maxx 7 Litres UV Water Purifier

Top Features

  • Automatic UV+UF purifier
  • Best for low TDS water
  • Leak-proof
  • 7 Litres storage

With a 7 litres storage capacity, this Kent water purifier is nothing short of a veteran. It’s fully automated and suitable for low TDS water. Completely Leak proof, it contains LED indicators for power and purification display. It has double purification through UV and UF. If you are hunting for a low key and efficient purifier then this must be it. If you only plan on purifying the tap water then this is the purifier to go for, the price range is affordable and the brand-name has its prominent status in the market.

The purifier has both UV and UF mounted henceforth capable to produce the purest water without disturbing the taste. The purifier stores 7l of water, good for a medium family.

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  1. very nice list of budget water purifier. I am already using Livpure Glo 7 Litre RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier from your list. Thanks for sharing top 10 with us.

  2. This list tells us about the cheapest list of Water Purifiers and I think the eighth one is the best because in that Blue Star Aristo RO + UF Water Purifier price is very low and anyone can afford it very easily.

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