Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Shield RO+UV+MP+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Shield RO+UV+MP+MTDS Water Purifier
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  • 7 Stage RO+UV+MP+MTDS purification
  • Clean & compact design
  • RO Membrane life enhancer
  • Price

Aquasure from Aquaguard Shield Water Purifier Review

This latest RO+UV water purifier from Eureka Forbes reminds us of Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier. Both these water purifiers are very similar in design, purification technology, and features.

Aquaguard Shield looks like an improved version of Aquaguard Smart Plus and it seems the company is planning to discontinue the Aquaguard Smart Plus water purifier.

You don’t need to be a water purifier expert to find the similarity, one look at both the models is enough to give you an idea.

If you would like to read the review of Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier then you can check here.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a product upgrade is the increase in price. Luckily, the company has kept the price almost the same as the earlier model. This could be because of the fierce competition the brand has been facing in this price segment, from newer brands like Livpure, Havells, and Blue Star.

Top Features of Aquaguard Shield Water Purifier

  • 7 Stage RO+UV purification: Clarity Cartridge, Membrane Protector, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, Antiscalant Media, RO Membrane, Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter, UV Lamp
  • Features Membrane Protector (MP) technology that enhances the life of RO membrane
  • Attractive, compact & lightweight design
  • TDS controller for adjusting the taste of water depending upon the source of water
  • Suitable for water from borewell, tanker, and municipal tap
  • 6 litres storage tank with water level indicator
  • Purifies water with high TDS up to 2000 mg/l or ppm
  • Colour changing indicators for purification process on/tank full, low incoming water pressure, and machine error
  • Voltage fluctuation protection (150 V – 270 V)
  • Tabletop or wall-mount installation
  • 1-year warranty


Aquaguard Shield features the same contemporary design with a 6-litres water storage tank. The front panel features the colour changing LED indicators and water level indicator. The LED indicator changes colours to indicate the status, like purification process on/tank full, low incoming water pressure, and machine error.

Aquaguard Shield RO+UV+MP+MTDS Purification Stages

Stage 1: Clarity Cartridge (I-Filter)
This stage is also known as ‘Sediment Filter’. Aquaguard Shield uses a multi-layered polypropylene wounded cartridge that removes fine suspended impurities like dirt and sand from water.

The Clarity Cartridge has been designed to last for 6000 litres of purified drinking water.

Stage 2: Membrane Protector (MP)
This is the latest innovation from Eureka Forbes which addresses the most common problem of RO membranes dying sooner.

This technology uses a microprocessor-based frequency modulated waveform producer, which protects the RO Membrane from the damaging effects of hardness causing salts by preventing scale build-up. It also prevents the crystallization of these salts over Quartz Glass Tube of the UV Chamber. This promotes the full penetration of the UV Rays into the water column, which means total freedom from harmful disease-causing microorganisms.

Stage 3: Chemi Block (with built-in particle trap filter) Filtration
This stage uses a dust-free Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon filter which removes excess chlorine, foul odour, color and dissolved organic impurities. It also filters out pesticides and very fine particles from the water.

Stage 4: Membrane Life Enhancer
Special Antiscalant media increases the life of the RO membrane and improves water flow by preventing the scaling of dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium.

Stage 5: RO Membrane
Reduces TDS by removing hardness, pesticides, and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. Also removes microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and cysts.

Stage 6: Taste Enhancer Cartridge
Also referred to as post carbon filter, this stage uses an activated carbon filter to remove residual organic impurities and improve the taste of purified water. It also improves the visual appearance of the water by making it sparkling clear.

Stage 7: UV Disinfection Chamber
This stage uses a Germicidal UV lamp that disinfects the water by eliminating waterborne disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, virus, and protozoa.

Product Specifications
Model Name Aquasure Shield
Storage Capacity 6 Litres
Indicators Purification process on / tank full, low incoming water pressure / no water supply / error with the machine / end of life
Filter Replacement Cycle 6000 Litres
Purifying Technology 7 Stage RO+UV+MP+MTDS
Material Of Construction Food Grade Plastic
TDS in Input Water Up to 2000 mg/l
TDS Reducation Up to 90%
Input Water Turbidity (Max) 15 NTU (max)
Water Temperature 10°C – 40°C
Iron Content 0.3 mg/l (max)
Chlorine Content 0.2 mg/l (max)
Hardness 600 mg/l (max)
Weight 5.60 Kgs
Operating Voltage 150 V – 270 V AC/50 Hz
Power Consumption 45 W
Dimension (H x W x D) 46 x 31.8 x 20.5 (cm)
Installation Wall Mounting, Table/Counter Top
Warranty 1 Year

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7.2 Total Score
Affordable Price, Reliable Purification, Brand Value

Storage Capacity
Purification Capacity
Purification Quality
Price & Discount
Installation, Warranty & Service
  • 7 Stage RO+UV+MP+MTDS purification
  • Clean & compact design
  • RO Membrane life enhancer
  • Price
  • Limited storage capacity
  • No indicators for filter change
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