Tata Swach Bulb 3000 Litres

Tata Swach Bulb 3000 Litres

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  • Pure Power Indicator: Indicated purifying power level of the Tata Swach bulb and signals when to replace it
  • Advanced auto shut-off mechanism: Stops flow of water once the purifying power of the bulb is exhausted

The Tata Swach Bulb is the heart of the non-electric water purifiers from Tata Swach. Tata Swach Bulb works on the patented TSRF technology that ensures clean and safe water by removing harmful bacteria and viruses from water.

This Tata Swach Bulb has a purification capacity of 3000 litres and filters approximately 2 litres of water per hour.

Tata Swach Bulb features an in-built filter-life indicator that gives you a fair idea of when to order a new bulb.

The advanced auto shut-off mechanism automatically shuts off the flow of water when the life of Tata Swach Bulb is over. This ensures that you never drink water that is not purified.

Tata Swach Bulb 3000 Litres is most suitable for Tata Swach Smart +, Tata Swach Silver Boost, Tata Swach Cristella Plus.

Unlike some other Non-Electric water purifiers, Tata Swach Bulb does not use any harmful chemicals like chlorine, bromine or iodine.

You get the top mesh absolutely free when you buy Tata Swach Bulb 3000 Litres. The top mesh removes all visible impurities and makes water clean and clear.

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