Kent Gold Optima 10 L UF Water Purifier

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  • Operates without electricity
  • No chemicals used during filtration
  • High storage capacity
  • Easy maintenance

Clean and safe water is a global concern and the water crisis is only going to be worse in the future. Countries like India with a large population size are facing a lot more water problems vis-à-vis the developed ones. In India, civic authorities are under huge pressure to fulfill the demand of pure and safe drinking water for urban as well as rural households. This makes a good case for various water purifier companies to step in and provide a proper alternative as far as clean and safe drinking water is concerned. Kent, being one of the leading water purifier companies in India, has come up with a powerful water purifier that every household needs – Kent Gold Optima.

Kent Gold Optima 10 L has a very effective purification process that gives pure and healthy water. It eliminates extremely minute impurities along with all the water-borne disease causing bacteria from the supplied water. With a wonderful table-top design and a storage capacity of 10 liters, Kent Gold Optima is easy to install and operates without electricity.

Features of Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre UF Water Purifier

  • No Bacteria and Cyst: Removes all disease causing bacteria and cysts.
  • Most Economical: Yearly expense of just Rs. 550.
  • Natural Shut Off: Equipped with a natural shut off mechanism to monitor purification and naturally shut off when the useful life is over.
  • No Boiling, No Running Water or Electricity: Does not require running water or electricity. No need to boil the water.
  • Chemical and Chlorine free purification.
  • Certifications: Certified for quality by world renowned organizations WQA and NSF.
  • Warranty: 6 Months on Product

How Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre UF Water Purifier Works?

Kent Gold Optima is a gravity based water purifier that basically uses ultrafiltration technology for purifying water. It is a highly effective process in terms of completely eradicating impurities as well as microorganisms from the water. The filters (collectively known as Kent Gold Optima Kit) that are used in purification process are as follows:

  1. Sediment Filter
    The sediment filter used in this purifier is of the order of 10 or more microns. It is quite capable of removing rust flakes from the water pipes, sand grains, small pieces of organic matter, clay particles, or any other small particles in the water supply.
  2. Nano Silver Carbon Activated Filter
    The activated carbon is exceptional in removing undesirable particulates, certain chemicals and organic compounds, and bad odor from the water. Nano silver composed of bits of silver that are 100 nano-meters in diameter, are anti-microbial in nature.
  3. UF Hydrophilic Membrane
    The ultrafiltration membrane has the pore size of 0.001 micron to 0.05 micron. It does not allow any bacteria, virus, parasite or microbe to pass through.

Design and Construction
Kent Gold Optima has an engineering grade plastic body that makes it strong and unbreakable. It has a sleek and innovative design with double storage purifier. Its filter filters out as much as 4000 liters of water before it needs to be replaced. The purifier has two transparent tanks – the upper tank stores 4.5 liter of water and the lower tank stores 5.5 liters of water. The look of the body of Kent Gold Optima is an absolute delight to watch.

Kent Gold Optima is ideal for small and medium sized families. It is extremely good in terms of performance and the good part, though, is that it doesn’t use chemicals and electricity for purification. This purifier is economical and one of the best performing.

Device Specifications
Model Name Gold Optima
Storage Tank Capacity 10 litres
Purifying Technology UF, Gravity Based
Filter Type SS Mesh, Sediment, Activated Carbon
Membrane Type UF Membrane
Purification Capacity 4000 litres
Installation Type Table Top
Width 23 cm
Height 28 cm
Depth 52 cm
Net weight 3.56 kg

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7 Total Score
Economical UF Water Purifier for Municipal Water

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Purification Capacity
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  • Operates without electricity
  • No chemicals used during filtration
  • High storage capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cannot be used for water with high TDS
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