UV+UF Water Purifiers

India faces serious challenges in addressing safe drinking water requirements for a long time. Poor quality of water supplied by civic authorities remains one of the biggest impediments in the country. Diarrhea – a waterborne disease – causes 13% deaths among children below 5 years of age in India, which is caused due to germs. So, UV+UF technology is the pressing need for water purification.

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What is UV+UF Technology?

The UV+UF method incorporates both ultraviolet and ultra-filtration technologies for the purification purpose. In this technology, water is purified in a multi-stage cleaning process in which bacteria, virus, germs, and microorganisms are killed and then, dissolved salts and impurities in the water are removed.

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How Does UV+UF Water Purifiers Work?

In the first stage, the ultraviolet light with optimum level of intensity is passed on water to kill harmful bacteria and other microbes by altering their DNA. The UV filters are also able to remove pesticides and pathogens by up to 99%.

In the next stage, the water is allowed to go through ultra-filtration process. It is a type of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure or concentration gradients are used to separate suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight through a semi-permeable membrane. UF utilizes hollow fibers as membrane material in which water is allowed to pass through.

Though, UF is not fundamentally different from RO, the only difference is the pore size of UF membrane is larger than RO membrane but it does not allow any bacteria, virus, and germs to pass. It can either be used as pretreatment for reverse osmosis or as a final filtration stage for de-ionized water.

When to Use UV+UF Water Purifiers?

  • The UV+UF technology based water purifiers are recommended for water that has TDS level below 300ppm.
  • For municipal water supply, borewell or tanker
  • For water with high concentration of biological impurities like bacteria, virus, cyst etc.

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