Blue Star Pristina UV Water Purifier

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  • UV Fail/Change Alert
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Advanced UV purification with Stainless Steel UV Chamber
  • Purification Capacity of 2 Litres/Minute
  • Elegant Modern Design

Features of Blue Star Pristina UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Pristina is an affordable water purifier that offers 5 Stage Advanced UV purification. Blue Star Pristina is ideal for homes with Municipal Water supply with low TDS. This water purifier protects you and your family from all kinds of microbiological impurities like bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts.

Advanced UV Protection
Blue Star Pristina offers Advanced UV protection from all disease causing microorganisms like protozoa, bacteria and viruses. The purifier also features an Ultra efficient UV purification chamber which is made of stainless steel for maximum safety, durability and optimum performance.

5 Stage Purification
The input water is purified using an advanced 5 stage purification process. The 5 different stages of purification comprise of a pre filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, micro trap filter, and UV Lamp. The water is purified at every stage to make sure that the water you drink is absolutely safe and pure.

Blue Star Pristina Purification Process

UV Change Indicator
UV change indicator gives you an advance indication that the UV lamp needs replacement within 100 hours of usage. This gives you sufficient time to change the UV lamp.

Maximum Flow Rate of 2 litres/min
Pristina offers a high flow rate of 2 litres/min. This is ideal for big families or corporate offices.

Elegant Modern Design
The looks and design of Blue Star Pristina is one of it’s main USP. This machine is sure to lend an elegant modern look to your kitchen without taking much of the space.

In Built Voltage Stabilizer
Designed to work within a Voltage Range of 170 – 265 Volts, AC 50 Hz. So, if your area suffers from frequent voltage fluctuations, this would normally take care of most voltage fluctuations keeping your purifier safe from any possible damage.

UV Fail Alert
UV fail alert gives an indication that the UV lamp life is over and automatically stops the water flow so you never drink harmful water.

Filter Change Alert
Blue Star Pristina calculates the water that you dispense and informs you in advance when it is about time to replace the filter, giving you sufficient time to change of the filters.

UV Life Enhancer
The Microcontroller in Blue Star Pristina automatically shuts off the UV lamp when its not being used, thereby enhancing the life of the UV lamp. This not only enhances the life of the UV lamp but also saves a lot of electricity.

Counter Top or Wall Mount
Blue Star Pristina can be mounted on a wall or simply placed on a counter/table top.

Product Specifications
Model Name Pristina
Storage Tank Capacity 0
Purifying Technology UV
Filter Type Stainless Steel Pre-Filter, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Micro Trap Filter, UV Lamp
Filtration Capacity 2 Litres/Min
Electrical Type Electrical
Installation Type Table Top, Wall Mount
Width 24 cm
Height 35 cm
Depth 14.2 cm
Net weight 2.45 kgs

A perfect affordable UV water purifier by popular brand Blue Star.

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6.9 Total Score
Modern UV Purifier with Useful Features

Storage Capacity
Purification Capacity
Purification Quality
Price & Discount
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  • UV Fail/Change Alert
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Advanced UV purification with Stainless Steel UV Chamber
  • Purification Capacity of 2 Litres/Minute
  • Elegant Modern Design
  • Not suitable for high TDS water
  • No storage of purified water
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